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MBA by Distance Learning

Inherent Advantages vs. the Traditional Classroom

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On the surface, there appears to be few common denominators between the owner of a trendy, hole-in-the-wall bakery and the CEO of a major company. However, all successful businesspeople possess one indispensable quality that even the least shrewd among us can identify from a mile away--offering goods or services that the public wants at a price and rate that generates net gains. But how do they achieve that enviable role of distribution? What other characteristics define these masters of capitalism and ingenuity? Look beneath the surface and you can find a set of answers whose abundance and simplicity may shock you--and ultimately convince you that the way many of us conceive of education doesn't always prove the best route for the aspiring business owner. Read on to discover how an MBA distance learning program can give you the educational experience you've been looking for.

Ponder a little further and you come to realize that some of the qualities that make certain businesspeople so successful--such as a high degree of self-motivation, ability to multitask, willingness to work beyond the standard 9-to-5 time bracket, and, of course, a strong work ethic--are the very qualities both necessary for and encouraged by distance learning. When you pursue your MBA through online education, you receive the same rigorous training you'd find within a traditional college, but without all the time constraints. MBA distance learning can therefore be well-suited to highly motivated individuals who manage their time well and don't need much hand-holding to get the job done.

MBA Distance Learning: Providing Alternative Opportunities for Go-Getters

With this extra degree of responsibility comes a level of freedom unmatched by traditional education. At a university, you're required to be in a certain place at a predefined time (time slots which, unfortunately, can often conflict with regular work hours). Distance learning, on the other hand, can allow you to learn in virtually any place--wherever you have an internet connection--and during the hours of your choosing. Distance learning can offer the kind of supreme convenience that post-graduate students may need in order to maintain their busy professional and personal lives.

One might naturally wonder whether such free-form education can be as efficacious as that offered by traditional schools. Thanks to a comprehensive study conducted by the US Department of Education, the evidence on that front is in, and its conclusions may surprise you.

Analyzing over 1,000 studies on online education, researchers at the Department of Education found that students who engaged in online learning not only performed as well as their traditionally educated peers, but actually boasted stronger learning outcomes than students who received only face-to-face instruction.

It might sound overly simplistic to claim that degrees pay, but evidence from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests a strong and direct relationship between educational attainment and wages earned; a fact that proves useful for any prospective grad students, but is particularly relevant to business majors. Don't hesitate to put your dreams into action; find an MBA distance learning program that works for you.

Karin Hansen

Karin Hansen holds an English degree from San Francisco State University.


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