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Distance Learning Law Programs

Types and Specializations

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It's no secret that legal professions rank among the most challenging, rewarding, and absolutely necessary careers in our society. Justice serves as the fulcrum of civilization, after all, and those who administer it should be highly qualified and duly compensated. Yet while mandatory years of formal education for legal professionals is certainly in everyone's best interest, they can also seem a daunting, even insurmountable, task for students too busy to attend a traditional university or who simply don't have the funds to both support themselves and pay tuition with wages earned from part-time work. Time was, this quandary would leave many promising students accruing a sizable debt as they attempted to fund their education, and no doubt caused others to simply hang up their backpacks in frustration. Fortunately, technology has virtually eliminated this Catch-22. Now students can enroll in distance learning law programs, choosing from an impressive list of legal specialties and earning degrees from the comfort of a home computer.

Law Programs and Distance Learning

Online education allows you to get the training and certification you need on your own time. With distance learning, you no longer have to waste time waiting in traffic and searching for parking to get to a class that, inconveniently enough, meets in the middle of the day and prohibits you from holding a full-time job. Students enrolled in distance learning law programs can study whenever and wherever they want to, prioritizing their life as they see fit.

Still skeptical about online education's effectiveness? Allow the US Department of Education to ease your mind. In their recent evaluation of over 1,000 studies about online classes, researchers from the Department of Education found that students enrolled in these programs not only kept pace with traditional students, but actually experienced stronger learning outcomes that their peers who received only face-to-face instruction.

Educators have received the message, and hundreds of distance learning programs now exist to serve those who prefer the freedom and convenience of online education. Within the legal arena, majors currently offered as online education programs include:

For those with a mind intrigues by the justice system and who feel compelled to faithfully uphold it, formal education is a must. Not only will it prepare you to address philosophically complex issues, it can also make you more attractive to potential employers and help unlock a variety of career opportunities. Head over to your favorite search engine today to discover how distance learning law programs have made it easier than ever for talented students to earn a degree conveniently and efficiently.

Karin Hansen

Karin Hansen holds a degree in English from San Francisco State University.


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