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Types and Specializations

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A business degree is one of the most common degrees out there. However it is also one of the most applicable and diversified, involved with all aspects of commerce industry and society. Read more to discover how a distance learning business program can pay off for you.

Distance Learning Business Degrees: Types and Specializations

If you're like many working adults, you may have put off your degree in the past, focusing on family or career or both. You may have regrets or misgivings about that and are thinking about returning. You might feel like there's no time for school in your life. A distance learning business program could be an ideal way for you to use your own work experience to get that degree and advance your own career to the next level - on your time, on your schedule.

Types of Distance Learning Business Specializations

Graduates from traditional accounting, finance, or business management programs are always in high demand, but not all business degrees are about buying and selling, commerce and cash. Other disciplines include:

  • Health Systems Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • Mediation and Resolution Management

These emergent fields are areas expected to see growth in coming years. You could get in on the ground floor by enrolling in a distance learning business program today.

Distance Learning Business Degree Programs

There are a number of different degrees you can receive through distance learning business programs. Taking the time to find the right program for you is important; depending on your experience and education you might be best suited for one of these degree levels:

Benefits of Distance Learning Business Degrees

If you are still on the fence about returning to school, one of the most compelling reasons is a practical one. If you look at the tuition and effort you put into school now as an investment, education has an extremely high return-on-investment. A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that an individual with a master's degree, like an MBA, has median weekly earnings of $1,257 - slightly more than double of $626, the median income for high school graduates. A distance learning business degree could truly change your life.

The Huffington Post recently made note of other alleged benefits of higher education, as reported by the College Board. College graduates generally enjoy more job satisfaction, better health, and more involved parenting than high school graduates. These benefits are not always a direct result of the education you receive, but of the lifestyle the education unlocks. Online education could make it possible for you to make more money, spend more time with your family or friends, and have good health insurance.

The closest thing to a sure thing in business is a college degree. Enroll in a distance learning business program today and find the keys to your future.

Rory Dowd

Rory Dowd is a house-dad, stand-up poet, and freelance writer. He has been involved with the performing arts scene in Reno, NV for over a decade. His experience also includes mentorship, development, and advocacy with diverse target populations including at-risk-teens and young adults, the developmentally and physically disabled, and the homeless. In addition, he has also worked as a bartender, research supervisor, sous chef, retail manager, tour guide, and telephone psychic. Rory is currently a graduate student in Kaplan University's Online Master of Science in Higher Education program with a concentration in Student Affairs.


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