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Studying Business by Distance Learning

The Benefits and Advantages

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Business remains one of the most-popular major fields for college students around the country for one reason: employers need people who how to market, sell, and conduct financial planning no matter their industry. Business is a popular major among students just entering college years and remains a key degree program form continuing education among professionals who seek advancement in business and management.

In some industries, employers will even reimburse tuition paid by employees who enroll in business distance learning programs while they remain on the job. In finance, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology and other fields, earning a master's degree in business administration is the key path to advancing into leadership positions with higher pay.

Online Degrees in Business

First-level business distance learning programs lead to associate degrees in as little as two years. Four-year bachelor in business or finance degrees can prepare you for entry-level positions in:

For those rising to leadership levels in business, you'll find online MBA degree programs with concentrations in:

  • IT management
  • International business
  • Financial planning and advising
  • Human resource management
  • Healthcare administration
  • Education administration

In America and abroad, knowing how to lead an organization to profitability remains the essential skill set for any business professional. Your potential for responsibilities and commensurate earnings grow with each additional degree.

Benefits of Distance Learning Business Degree Programs

Online degree programs in business and management are designed for adults who want to integrate their education with a busy home and work life. Distance associate, bachelor, and master's degree programs have flexible schedules, with classes that meet whenever you log on to your campus. There is 24/7 access to streaming lectures, chat rooms, email exchanges between instructors and your peers. More than 75% of today's colleges have implemented online degree programs, or students may enroll in hybrid programs that include weekend on-campus lectures or seminars.

A College Board study discovered greater satisfaction among graduates than with students who did not choose to earn a degree. You may find your way into a business career on your own, but you'll advance in earnings by completing an advanced degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graduates of college degree programs had greater job stability and higher income with each successive degree. In 2009, unemployment levels and earnings were directly affected by degree, including:

  • High school diploma, 9.7 percent unemployment; weekly earnings: $626
  • Associate degree, 6.8 percent unemployment, weekly earnings: $761
  • Bachelor degree, 5.2 percent unemployment, weekly earnings: $1,025
  • Master's degree, 3.9 percent unemployment, weekly earnings: $1,257

Business Career Outlook

Here are predictions for job growth between 2008 and 2018 for the following selected business professions:

  • Personal financial advisors, 30 percent
  • Human resource managers, 22 percent
  • Financial analysts, 20 percent
  • Computer and information systems managers, 17 percent
  • Medical and health services managers, 16 percent

As you can see, across the occupational sectors, jobs for qualified managers are on the rise. No matter where you live, you can enroll in flexible and convenient business distance learning degree programs to rise to the next level in your profession.

Woodrow Aames

Woodrow Aames has written articles and profiles for Yahoo, Microsoft Network, Microsoft Encarta, and other websites and print magazines around the world. He holds an MFA degree and has taught English abroad.


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